About US

Near East Electromechanical co. ltd

Mission and goals

Near East Is a dedicated team looking for an ongoing partnership with their clients based on mutual corporation and benefits.

Near East team execute works with Passion, Morality and Honesty. Keeping the Ethics of the work the guidance to achieve the clients’ utmost satisfaction.


company Overview

The operation of this company started on 1980 by engineer Munther Halasa as an Engineering electromechanical contracting firm under the name oF  Munther Halasa Engineering Office.

In March of year 2002 NEAR East Electromechanical Co. Ltd. (NEEM) was founded as a limited liability company, expanding and developing the scale of work.

NEEM is an electromechanical contracting company, focused on providing professional services and expertise in all electromechanical engineering fields related to construction projects.

NEEM has proven track of successful projects and dedicated staff of professional engineers and TECHNICIANS, empowered by an excellent knowledge base and state-of-art technologies, extensively participated in maintaining high quality performance which meets all international standards.


NEEM is:

  1. Classified 1st Class Category Mechanical contractor by the Ministry of Public Works & Housing (MPWH) - REGISTRATION no. 7152
  2. Classified 2nd Class Category Electromechanical Contractor and renewable Energy by the Ministry of Public Works & Housing (MPWH) - REGISTRATION no. 2141
  3. JORDANIAN constructions contractors association - REGISTRATION no. 3440
  4. Authorized installer and supplier for Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System by the Civil Defense Department (CDD)- REGISTRATION no. 297
  5. Authorized Supplier and Installer of Renewable Energy System by the Energy & Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) - REGISTRATION no. 190


Main Trades and professions of the company:

Since establishment, NEEM executed and commissioned many electromechanical systems part of major projects. Installed systems can be categorized as follows:

•Drainage Systems

•Water Supply Networks

•HVAC Systems, including Heating Air conditioning, Ventilation …

•Steam Network Installations

•Medical Gases Installations

•Compressed Air Systems

•Control and BMS Systems

•Pools, Jacuzzis and SPA Systems.

•Water Treatment AND FILTRATIONS Plants

•Fire Fighting Systems

•Electrical Systems Installations, including Low currant, Power, CCTV…

•GSM Switch Rooms Installation

•Electro- mechanical infra structure for large scale projects.

•Civil and finishing works